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Papaya Punch is a potent indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Papaya with Purple Punch. Papaya Punch gives users a calming high, perfect for winding down after a day out with friends or a quiet night inside. Papaya Punch has a delicious aroma that smells both fruity and cheesy, thanks to dominant terpenes like caryophyllene and linalool. The flavor is sweet and fruity, making it a tasty flower to roll up without worrying about feeling too stoned or racey. If you love those middle-of-the-road fruity strains, Papaya Punch might be your new favorite.

  • Happiness
  • Energetic
  • Creativity
HIGH THC Content 34.6%

4 reviews for PAPAYA PUNCH

  1. GreenLadyLita

    This is definitely a great smoke for the evening. It made me feel very euphoric, light, happy. Such an amazing strain

  2. Daykhale

    Tastes SOOO good! Perfect for when i’m feeling a middle of the day nap! It puts me in a happy mood, and after my nap those happy, uplifted, feelings are still there. It’s a good feeling and the taste is so yummy!

  3. jndica

    Hits really nice, good coloration and trichomes

  4. Durbansuburban

    Sweet skunky smell right off the bat. Extremely pungent and hard to cover up! Buds are medium green with hues of purple and bright orange hairs sticking out of a field of sticky trichomes. It looks like it has been topped with powdered sugar. Smoke is like the smell, extremely pungent and it hangs around forever. This stuff will hit you like a fuggin Mack truck from nowhere! Prepare to surrender the rest of the time to sleep or gawking off into the distance while looking like a 110 year old grandfather trying to read the Sunday paper with no glasses. Definitely an extremely good strain for pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, appetite problems and general discomfort. A go-to if you want a hard-hitting indica…be careful son, this isn’t your grampy’s weed!

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